easy, short-term IPFS file pins for decentralized collaboration

The file you select will be made available to the public on the IPFS network. Be careful; you can't remove it afterwards!

This service is specifically intended for small things intended to be shared with the public, like documents. Please don't abuse it. It has limited storage and bandwidth, and the files you upload will be periodically unpinned to make room for more.

FOXpin is a run as a public good to enable decentralized collaboration. It helps you easily get your files' lives on IPFS started, but it isn't intended to host things long-term. Once you've uploaded a file here, anyone with the link can pin it too -- if your content is important, you should definitely make sure you (or your friendly neighborhood nerd!) make more pins for it. (You could use Pinata or Fleek or Web3.Storage for that.)

IPFS is a decentralized, censorship-resistant content distribution system, where files are immutable and anyone anywhere can download anything -- as long as someone somewhere still cares about the file enough to "pin" it.

"Pinning" something on IPFS keeps it around and available to the world. Anyone can pin a file, and it'll stay available for as long as at least one person is pinning it, but storing the file and serving it to anyone that asks for it takes storage space and bandwidth. While tools like IPFS Share will make a file available on IPFS, without someone to pin the file it won't stay available for very long. It's a lot easier to pin a file that's already on IPFS in the first place, and this tool is intended to help bootstrap that process.